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Softbank led a financing round that managed to raise $680 million for Sorare. According to the blockchain-based fantasy football game company, the investment now places its valuation at $4.3 billion. 


Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has reported that the two-dose version of its COVID-19 vaccine offers a 94% efficacy level against symptomatic infections. The company has also promoted the idea of booster shots to a single vaccine noting that they enhance immunity further. 


Intel has announced its plans to commence the construction of chip plants in Arizona. The new factories are projected to cost $20 billion upon completion. 


AusNet Services has received a purchase bid from APA group for $7 billion. The move comes as mergers and acquisitions in Australia reach a historically high volume. 


The Amazon Community Lending pilot program, a brainchild of Lendistry and Amazon, will offer short-term loans capped at $100,000. 


Revolut has acquired a broker-dealer license in the US that will allow it to launch commission-free stock trading. In the absence of commissions, order flow revenue will be the start-up’s payment source. 

For the first time, Uber is slated to make a profit on an adjusted basis this quarter as recovery from the pandemic increases ride requests and food orders.


Amar Rupinder Gupta

Indian analyst in the field of trading in the forks and binary options markets. Writing about the successes and failures of banks, investment companies, and major traders. Stories about fraudulent schemes in investing and market news. Lessons in investing and portfolio management. Graduated from ICFAI University.

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