HDFC Bank Forex Rates 2021-2022

When traveling, exchanging your money into the local currency is a priority item on arrival. The ability to pay for goods and services in the local currency will determine the convenience of your traveling experience. In the past, a traveler would have to resort to unreliable sources of forex at the airport and near their hotels. In most cases, the rates were predatory, and the overall experience dampened the mood of the entire trip. The introduction of online forex services has changed the game. 

How Do I Buy Forex Online? 

These tips will prove useful when you travel abroad and need to exchange your money for the local currency. Ensure that you rely on reliable services online, such as HDFC Bank, a leading private bank with decades of proven service delivery. Once on their website, you can provide the required information and select your desired forex service. You can then check out HDFC forex rates on the specific day of exchange. The convenience of buying currency online does not stop there: you can have your selected currency delivered upon completion of the online transaction. HDFCBank has branches spread throughout India, and you can arrange a pickup from any of them. 

Forex Services Fees & Charges

Description of Charges Forex Services
Foreign Exchange Transactions
Remittance Outward*
Upto USD 500 or equivalent Rs. 500/- flat
Above USD 500 or equivalent Rs. 1000/- flat
Remittance Inward No Charge
Other Foreign Exchange Transactions
FCY Cash – Selling No Charge
FCY Cash – Encashing No Charge
FCY Demand Drafts – Issuance
Upto USD 500 or equivalent Rs. 200/- flat
Above USD 500 to USD 10000 or equivalent Rs. 300/- flat
Above USD 10000 or equivalent Rs. 500/- flat
FCY Demand Drafts – Cancellation Rs. 50/- per Demand Draft

FCY Cheque Collection (FCY personal cheque,

FCY DD’s sent for collection)*

0.25% of INR value (Min. Rs. 250/- per transaction)
Plus Courier of Rs. 50/- per cheque
For Transactions value upto USD 500 – Rs 200/- per transaction plus courier charge Rs. 50/- per instrutment

Charges mentioned above are charges levied by HDFC Bank only and does not include any charges that may be levied by originating/correspondent banks.
FCY Cheque Return* Under Cash Letter arrangement – Rs. 100/- per cheque
Under Final Credit service arrangement – Rs. 250/- per cheque
Plus Correspondent Bank Charges as applied by the Correspondent bank (Same are not fixed and differ Currency wise)
  • GBP Cheque – GBP 15 per cheque (For Any Amount below GBP 1000)
  • GBP Cheque – GBP 25 per cheque (For Any Amount above GBP 1000)
  • AUD Cheque – AUD 35 per cheque
  • SGD Cheque – SGD 12 per cheque
  • For All other Currencies as applied by the Correspondent bank
FIRC Charge for Inward Remittance & FCY Cheques collection Rs. 200/- per FIRC
Amount Of Currency Exchanged (ACE) GST rates Minimum GST Maximum GST
Upto Rs. 1 lakh 0.18% of ACE Rs. 45 Rs. 180
Between Rs. 1 lakh and up to Rs. 10 lakh INR 180 + 0.09% of ACE Rs. 180 Rs. 990
Above Rs. 10 lakh INR 990 + 0.018% of ACE Rs. 990 Rs. 10,800

Card rates base

Other Forex Exchange Services

  • HDFC bank boasts forex facilities at all its branches. 
  • The bank offers friendly rates with minimal service charges on Euros, USD, Rupees, and currencies. 

Cash to Master

When docking at Indian ports, ships can enjoy the convenience of accessing cash from any branch near the port. 

The Cash to Master facility is available to ship captains who need to pay their crew and cover other expenses while temporarily docked on Indian ports. 

The ship captain only needs their passport and a filled application form when requesting a money transfer at the branch. 


  1. Limits: Currently, no limits have been set for this remittance form. 
  2. Convenience: The captain only needs to visit the nearest branch, fill out a form, and prove their identity. 

Currencies allowed: Users can access funds in three major currencies: Euros (EUR), Sterling Pounds (GBP), and US Dollars (USD).

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