More than 36 million Americans invest in cryptocurrency

One in 10 people in the U.S. (11%) currently invests in cryptocurrency.
Nearly half of young investors (18-34 years old) spent their free stimulus checks investing in stocks and crypto.
More men than women invest in cryptocurrency (16% vs. 7%). This is true across all racial/ethnic groups.
More young and middle-aged investors invest in cryptocurrency than older investors (15% 18 to 34 years old, 11% 35 to 64 years old, 4% 65+).
Overall, only 3% of investors started investing because they were encouraged by the growth of cryptocurrency.

Amar Rupinder Gupta

Indian analyst in the field of trading in the forks and binary options markets. Writing about the successes and failures of banks, investment companies, and major traders. Stories about fraudulent schemes in investing and market news. Lessons in investing and portfolio management. Graduated from ICFAI University.

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