This week’s top business news

1️⃣ Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp experienced the most serious global outage in three years. Some analysts believe the disruption cost Facebook more than six billion dollars. Its stock is down more than 5 percent

2️⃣ The Irish government announced the signing of an international agreement created by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This will entail an increase in income tax for large multinationals from 12.5% to a minimum of 15%

3️⃣ CEO of analytical company CryptoQuant Ki Yong Ju reported that large holders of cryptocurrency bought bitcoins for $1.6 billion in 5 minutes. According to him, the volume of liquidation of short positions after the first cryptocurrency rose to $55.5 thousand was only $17 million. This looks more like a large purchase of “whales” rather than a cascade liquidation of short positions, Ki Yong Ju noted

4️⃣ Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune fell 5.11%, or $6.3 billion, amid a global disruption of the company and its social media sites, according to Forbes’ real-time billionaire ranking, which is updated

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